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Bizfizz is a community based Business Coaching programme. It has been running across different areas of Bradford for the past 2 years, and the project has now been extended into the ‘Bradford Rural’ district. This includes the villages of Steeton, Silsden, Haworth and its surroundings, and Denholme.

A completely free service, Bizfizz starts with the understanding that in all communities there will be people with ideas, hobbies or interests which could become businesses, but that there can be barriers which stop people from turning their dreams into reality.

Coaches work with a client’s passion to turn an idea into a business, they help them  to set goals and come up with a plan of action, and they will be on their side giving help and support wherever needed.

Coaches also recruit a panel of local people who are keen see their communities flourish, and are willing to give up a couple of hours a month to help local businesses succeed. They don’t need special skills, just local knowledge and a positive outlook!

If you have a great idea you’d love to turn into something more, or can see yourself on my local panel, why not get in touch? My contact details are:

CANDY SQUIRE-WATT Tel: 07507 889391

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