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Topic : Removal of White Goods

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11/08/2009 : 11:23:44      reply with quote

Hi There
Does anyone have a number for someone who could come and remove several broken white goods from my cellar please? Would be great if it was a free or very cheap service!! I can't get the council to do it as I can't leave them outside my house due to living on a main road with no yard!!
Many Thanks
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11/08/2009 : 16:50:06      reply with quote

skippy your man to find what to do
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11/08/2009 : 17:57:01      reply with quote

agreed look for the silsden skips ad on this site
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12/08/2009 : 10:40:01      reply with quote

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I realise that this might not be possible in this case.

I always take a powered screw driver to any white good I need to dispose of. I end up with a load of useful screws and other bits. It is amazing what those odd bits can be used for.

Hobbyists will often take a motor for other uses. Now in bits it is easy to load individual bits into ones car and take them to the tip, or if small enough into ones own bin. Stainless steel drums out of washing machines make excellent plant plots. I have never tried it but I beleive the drum with the holes in makes and excellent container for growing tomatoes, strawberries and the like.


A neighbour had to pay the council to take an old fridge away. They took the money and said so many working days. Said fridge had to wait outside for collection. On the last day of course it had not been collected.

It was collected at the weekend after a call. At least the collecting lad got the over time - and the rate payers paid for council incompetence.

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12/08/2009 : 11:59:23      reply with quote

I think they only charge for fridges because they have to de-gass them. Other white goods should be free. Isn't there a neighbour with a yard where you could leave them?
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12/08/2009 : 14:25:31      reply with quote

A useful page on this site LHS menu > local information > waste disposal

First item on the page

It probably won't help Bilbo1_uk but it's a useful page to know about.
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12/08/2009 : 15:18:40      reply with quote

bilbo1 give me a ring nos is on herehappy :)
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Replies in this thread : 6

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