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Topic : Jobs for community service

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19/08/2009 : 15:18:32      reply with quote

1. Remove graffiti
2. Pick up the rubbish in the park
3. Dig / make a dry ditch around the children's play area to stop the water and mud from destroying the play surface
4. Remove the excess stones and rubbish from the beck

Any more little jobs they could do, please feel free to add to the list:
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19/08/2009 : 15:23:33      reply with quote

Excellent idea Peter.

We have a magistrate who posts on here, perhaps they could point us in the direction of who to make the suggestion too?

If they don't want to reveal themselves on here e-mail Peter - or me - wink ;)
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19/08/2009 : 15:29:19      reply with quote

5. Stand by Lazeez and get the registrations of all the cars going through red lights.
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19/08/2009 : 15:48:21      reply with quote

Go round the streets and sweep up all the broken glass and polystyrene food boxes that appear after the weekend.

Also, collect all the poo bags that are thrown into the hedges, I'm sure that would go down welllaugh :D
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19/08/2009 : 16:50:41      reply with quote

also sweep up all the poo that has not been bagged, and wash the pavement after so there ismt a poo-smeerejavascript:smileyInsert(topicform.message,%20'sad :(');
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19/08/2009 : 20:04:48      reply with quote

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I thought all criminals have to be in jail with the key thrown away. So where are all these 'workers' coming from?
do I detect a bit of 'liberalism' creeping in. Well Well Well.happy :)wink ;)
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Replies in this thread : 5

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