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Topic : An 18ct Bollocking from the Mayor

Bob T
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01/01/2010 : 12:28:03      reply with quote

Hey you 2 be carefull ,earlier on this morn i had to go round to see his Nibs ,ive never met him before and befor i could introduce myself he fired into me asking what i wanted and what i was doing there i introduced myself then he calmed down ,what a pleasant man he turned out to be ,yes Skippy i managed also to secure the contract to clean his mums windows, nice man Mr Mayor
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01/01/2010 : 13:23:06      reply with quote

You missed out the bit you appeared from the rear of the house Bob T happy :)

Worry a bit about people going round the back as the dog sees that as her territory. That'd have been good coming for dog posters and get nipped by my dog, would never have lived that one down! wink ;)

Best of luck with the posters and my mum will stop giving me grief about the windows now wink ;)
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moggy pick up
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02/01/2010 : 17:13:07      reply with quote

Bob you must take your mask and long coat off then you will not frighten his nibbslaugh :Dlaugh :D then again you look better with it onlaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :D
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03/01/2010 : 15:47:43      reply with quote

make sure you get in them corners bobtwink ;) or his worship will be in the you know whatlaugh :Dlaugh :D
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Replies in this thread : 3

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