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Topic : Silsden for the Big Idea - ideal location

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20/07/2010 : 15:10:51      reply with quote

As we now have a conservative MP and conservative councillors Silsden must be ready to embrace the 'Big Idea'. More power, and some money to Silsden town council. Some suggestions for control by STC:
Public Toilets.
New toilets and showers for the playing fields. Field can be used as campsite for summer tourists.
Car parking fees for STC.
Park maintenance.
Town cleaning.
Even the schools could become acadamies run by STC.

My ideas just for starters. Anymore that could be brought back as part of the big idea?

It could be just like France where the locals run very local affairs.
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20/07/2010 : 16:09:44      reply with quote

free one way air fares come to mind bye byerazz :p
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21/07/2010 : 18:35:00      reply with quote

Dont really think turning park into campsite for tourist a good idea,too many idiots already think its a carpark,who's gonna clean up after the happy campers? who gonna run it? who gets the money? The park is already one of Silsdens greatest features why spoil it? anyway theres already campsites in Silsden,let the tourists use them and keep them running seeing as they do a good job of it.
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Tom Day
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28/07/2010 : 22:06:29      reply with quote

The big idea is rubbish. Flannel.

Half of Silsden moans about Bradford Met and the other half applauds em, but not on the same issues. When the political control changes local opinion will change too. The moaners will clap and the clappers will boo.

The important thing to remember is that New Labour stormed in with cheesy grins and promises for the 'community'. The Big Idea has a familiar ring to it as I see. Nothing will change.

Good luck anyway Tolpuddle. I'll come to your rallies and support you if I can.

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02/12/2010 : 19:44:56      reply with quote

Proper campers DONT leave a mess behind them!!!!!!!
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Replies in this thread : 4

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