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Topic : Greengrasses trip to Rufforth that wasnt

Bob T
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05/02/2011 : 18:56:27      reply with quote

Last nite i rang Claude to see if he wanted to go to the auto jumble at Rufforth, i was going to drive him there ,buy his lunch ,possibly buy him a pint on the way back but he said he couldnt cos someone was going to take him to Burnley so i went on my own,on my return i rang him and he was so pi**ed off cos the person who wes going to take him let him down saying he had some paperwork 2 do oh poor old claude i felt for him as i ha d a perfect day
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05/02/2011 : 20:08:04      reply with quote

Your a very nice man Mr T food and drink not like some here paper work bet he was counting his money feeding his moths in fact he his the only person i know who takes his moth to the jim to exersies there wingsshocked 8Oshocked 8Oshocked 8O
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06/02/2011 : 13:15:57      reply with quote

Crikey - I didn't even know that Rufforth still went on. Must be 15 yrs since I last went!

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Replies in this thread : 2

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