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Topic : bridge

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20/03/2011 : 02:09:54      reply with quote

there should be a bridge over the by pass to get to steeton or and underground tunnel to get there!
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20/03/2011 : 08:39:23      reply with quote

I think you can rule out underground tunnel... this is a flood plain so you would require scuba gear a lot of the time...
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20/03/2011 : 11:01:15      reply with quote

there has been several attempts to get a crossing over the trunk road, the answer is always that it is too expensive.Personally I think that is wrong, other areas have crossings so why not steeton and silsden
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20/03/2011 : 15:59:40      reply with quote

anyone know how much a bridge would cost? I suppose it depends on who gets the contract
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21/03/2011 : 17:12:13      reply with quote

When the big plan from Bradford about Silsden went to the Inspector it was rejected. The Inspector obviously came on the train and obviously had a death and glory moment crossing the by-pass. So, if there is one thing stopping Sislden being swamped with new housing it is the lack of a pedestrian crossing over the by-pass.
It actually requires a proper cycle/pedestrian path and bridge which in the present situation is unlikely.
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21/03/2011 : 17:53:32      reply with quote

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You could use a Bus.
But my luck is that when I see the bus I think I'm in luck the bus is waiting for us!
Then they drive off just as the train is about to open the doors. It's the same in Ilkley.
So please, better timetables or a bridge would be nice!
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Replies in this thread : 5

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