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Topic : sisdens mayor

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20/05/2011 : 15:19:38      reply with quote

it would appear that one of the posters on this website is not happy with the choice of our new mayor. well eveyone is entitled to their oppinions, i am honoured to be chosen to be the mayor of silsden and i will give 100% to the job, i would like to say thank you for all the commments posted they are realley appreciated esspecially the positive ones negative we dont do. please stop all this praise as i wount be able to get the chain over my headlaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :D
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20/05/2011 : 15:27:58      reply with quote

Scrap price is uplaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :D
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silsden resident
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20/05/2011 : 15:30:07      reply with quote

Well done Skippy you will do a grand job.
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20/05/2011 : 16:28:05      reply with quote

well done skippy and you are a true cobydaler
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Replies in this thread : 3

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