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Topic : Alko 5000 silent power shreader

Bob T
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18/10/2011 : 12:09:26      reply with quote

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I have this for sale surplus to my requirements it is in very good condition New these are over 300 quid to buy if someone bid me about 70 it could be theirs Come and have a look and make a bid (No greengrass i wont take 25 for it before you ask)Bob 07974570246
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18/10/2011 : 19:44:37      reply with quote

ill bid 20 ?

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18/10/2011 : 19:55:46      reply with quote

posted by rotter
ill bid 20 ?

Don't be silly, this is a shredder which makes excellent bark chippings by crushing branches up to 2cm - not your whizz whizz chop your fingers off machine. At 70 Bob T is selling it too cheap.
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18/10/2011 : 22:09:35      reply with quote

Peter you have been watching to much telly its like peter,s deal (dickinson,s deal) take it to auction bob 30 groats bidshocked 8Oshocked 8O
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Replies in this thread : 3

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