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Topic : NEW FORUM AREA (for commercial sale/services)

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27/10/2011 : 12:02:21      reply with quote

I do allow businesses to put information on the forum IF they have a banner already, but free advertising is censored and discouraged if it for business gain.

However, there is a need for a forum advertisement for people who do not want a banner (banners are 50+ vat / year) so I have decided to make a new forum category and to ask people that want to use it to donate a suggested 10 to charity and I have set up for donating to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

This area will be monitored under a 'fair use' policy shocked 8O gets about 500 unique visitors a day and serves up about 3500+ pages of local information a day. About 50+% of the pages are from the forum, although receives visitors from around the world, most of the people that look at are local.

If you would like a banner which provides a link to more information about your business then please email me for more details happy :)
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Replies in this thread : 0

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