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Topic : pedestrian crossing

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20/03/2012 : 21:09:41      reply with quote

what about a crossing near the bend of waterloo Mill and the carpet shop on Howden Road. Thats a blind bend for children coming from the estate on Hainsworth road and heading for the zebra crossing.
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31/03/2012 : 17:04:24      reply with quote

Now that would be a good idea, and stop a lot of worry about our children crossing over there. We should at least have another Zebra crossing and some speed bumps or something to make cars slow down and be more aware that children have to cross over there. We live down on the estate under the canal bridge near Hainsworth Road and my daughter has to cross this road to get to school, as do lots of other children who live down here. Speed bumps at the very least would be a start and help us parents to feel more confident in letting our children cross that part of the road independently. Not just needed for the children either - plenty of grown ups, particularly elderly ones, would also benefit from another crossing or speed bumps.
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Replies in this thread : 1

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