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Topic : Programme changes at Crystal Space
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30/03/2012 : 13:51:17      reply with quote

Hi all. Just to advertise some changes to the programme for April/May/June for Thursday nights at Crystal Space. (and some Tuesdays).
Please call me on 07546 109072 or call in the shop on Aire View if you would like to book
Programme now as follows.

3rd - (Tuesday 7.30-9.30pm) An Introduction to Magickal Working - Basic Rituals and Ceremonies, and the Power of Intention, Focus and Symbolism. - Led by Joanne Purdie.

5th Shamanic Healing - The Medicine Wheel - The Directions, The Elements, and the Realms of the Minerals, Plants, Animals and Humans. Led by Joanne Purdie -

10th - (Tues 7.30-9.30). The Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya. Led by Shelley Robinson. This session provides a talk and practical experience of some of the techniques introduced to Swami Nishchalananda by Swami Satyananda Saraswati whilst he lived in India.

12th Shamanic Healing - Women's Medicine - Aligning Moon and Womb. Led by Joanne Purdie (women only).

17th (Tuesday 7.30-9.30) Introduction to Journal Writing - led by Joy Waddington.

19th Shamanic Healing - Power Retrieval - Calling for a gift of energy to empower the human energy field- Led by Joanne Purdie.

26th Shamanic Healing - Extraction - Taking detrimental energies from the human energy field – (Pre-requisite attendance of Power Retrieval talk and meditation). – Led by Joanne Purdie.

1st (Tuesday 7.30-9.30) Journal writing at Beltane led by Joy Waddington.

3rd Beltane ceremony and talk – (Free with Jacobs Join) – Led by Joanne Purdie

10th Shamanic Healing - Soul Retrieval - Retrieving personal vital soul essence that may have been lost due to trauma, stress or grief, at any time of life. Led by Joanne Purdie.

17th Using Guided Visualisation for Healing
Using Colour Healing for the Chakras.– Led by Kam Tunningley.

24th Natural Symbolism, working with Nature – Led by Kam Tunningley -
Take a look at the Sacred Power of Nature from a Native American view. The Medicine of all our Relations, within the natural landscape.

31st May - Emerald Alignment Meditation and Ribbons of
Light global peace meditations Led by 'The Rainbow Light Foundation'.

7th Self Development through Meditation – Led by KamTunningley.
Practical session – using ‘spirit led’ guided visualisation to give you a reflection of where you are currently in yourself development.
click for more information

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