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Topic : Political fallout

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09/04/2012 : 21:24:51      reply with quote

Until the 3rd May there is likely to be a lot of mischief making going on. I refer to the 'as yet' unexplained de-selection of Councillor Adrian Naylor and the selection of Andrew Rowley as our Conservative representative, BEFORE Councillor Naylor's appeal was heard.

BEWARE of statements made on this forum by posters with very few posts, I will give you an example - the poster ICU who accused me of being Adrian Naylor (that didn't go down very well with me). ICU signed up for the website as Roger Rabbit laugh :D with the email address of laugh :Dlaugh :D The post which I was accused of censoring was libellous which is the reason it was edited.

BTW I think ICU is now posting on the Yorkshire Post (the one mentioning this website).

Rightly or wrongly Andrew Rowley was not allowed to attend the Silsden Town Council meeting on Thursday.

There were NO PRESS representatives at the meeting I know because I did attend as a member of the public.

However, on Saturday a well written article appeared in the Yorkshire Post, shortly followed by other well written comments.

Silsden Town Council release information to The Keighley News, so the Yorkshire Post article has to be a press release from Andrew Rowley designed for maximum publicity and followed up by planted posts. The posters first few posts are well written and not your average outraged poster type comments - look at the times they were posted - organised?

Perhaps the Yorkshire Post Editor should look into the authenticity of the posters of some of the replies to this article.

PLEASE USE YOUR JUDGEMENT and do not take some of the statements on the forum at face value, the next few weeks looks like it might be interesting.
Dirty politics have come to Silsden.
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15/04/2012 : 08:37:43      reply with quote

Can you please try to keep to the subject on all the threads, but on the political threads in particular.

Please do not cut-n-paste your views inappropriately on several topics.

Be nice, I am tired of keeping an eye on these topics and I WILL lock/close those that give me grief.

I will not tolerate any more new posters who sign up to post with an invalid name and and email address - these posts will be DELETED in the future, and the user name locked.

I do not delete or censor posts out of hand, but try to keep an impartial view, others do not always see it that way. Such is my lot, damned if I do and damned if I don't sad :(

Politics in Silsden have got dirty

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Replies in this thread : 1

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