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Topic : Land at Sykes Lane consultation meeting today.

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27/06/2012 : 11:58:45      reply with quote

Public consultation, prior to application for residential development on land at Sykes Lane, today Wednesday 27th June from 3.30pm to 7.30pm at Silsden Youth Centre. This is the land refered to by gazzer in the Silsden from the air topic.
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27/06/2012 : 12:17:32      reply with quote

Dates on the document are wrong but the map detail will be the same

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27/06/2012 : 17:25:00      reply with quote

If the council own the access road then they should be able to get a good price for it.Maybe they could spend that money on Silsden
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27/06/2012 : 17:45:48      reply with quote

Don't be silly, the money would go into Bradford's deprived pot and we don't even come close on that. We don't need 100 cars twice a day accessing Keighley Road at this point. angry
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27/06/2012 : 18:38:07      reply with quote

agreed fred
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Replies in this thread : 4

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