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Topic : Cat outside co op

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18/08/2012 : 12:31:36      reply with quote

For the past few days when going in and out of co op there has been a sweet little cat sat outside it seems to be a kept cat maybe some one brings it down while they shop lol
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20/08/2012 : 09:20:10      reply with quote

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22/08/2012 : 13:32:30      reply with quote

Hi, there is a couple that sit outside the coop doors. A dark brown one with other colours in i, it lives up North Street and my cat a long haired cream cat! She follows me everywhere! lol
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31/08/2012 : 17:29:25      reply with quote

Hi everyone,
pleased to say that this little cat DOES have a home where she is much loved.
she goes to the co-op but no-one knows why.... please don't feed her there as it will encourage her to hang around.
Her owner is Molly who lives at 24 Spencer Avenue ( road behind the co-op).
Please tell anyone who asks about this cat. Thanks.
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Replies in this thread : 3

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