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Topic : cuckoo clock broken

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11/09/2012 : 18:16:26      reply with quote

Do you know of anyone who would be able to repair an antique cuckoo clock's bellows please? Our cuckoo has lost its voice sad :( Thank you!
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11/09/2012 : 19:52:20      reply with quote

Go on ebay loads off themhappy :)
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11/09/2012 : 22:08:59      reply with quote

If you want your antique cuckoo clock repaired I can highly recommend Whiteley's on South Street in Keighley. They are an old fashioned clock & watch repairer and have been there years. They are situated in the row of shops on the left hand side before you get to Mantra House and the traffic lights where you turn down to Worth Way.
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11/09/2012 : 22:44:05      reply with quote

I can second that recommendation as I've used him for several repairs including an antique pocket watch.
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12/09/2012 : 13:45:58      reply with quote

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same here, his dad had it before him,its been there since 1960/70s.J W Whitley and son, 67 south street keighley.
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Replies in this thread : 4

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