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Topic : Groundworks / concreting / builder recommendations?

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24/09/2012 : 13:03:45      reply with quote

Anyone any recommendations for builders/contractors for construction of a concrete garage base/foundation?

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24/09/2012 : 13:29:27      reply with quote

Danny Clarke...07960 347190...A good local lad.
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24/09/2012 : 14:39:20      reply with quote

I'll second that.....did good work for me, well worth using him
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24/09/2012 : 17:40:26      reply with quote

I'll third it. Danny willl be making a new parking area for us over the next few months and has been very practical, helpful and calming in the light of loads of design and Planning Dept.tough stuff and demands. He works with his Dad who is also ace. We should go for local firms when we can. I am in Steeton but Silsden still means "local" to me.
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Replies in this thread : 3

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