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Topic : dogs on leads in the cemetery

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04/02/2013 : 14:19:00      reply with quote

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Think everyone needs top chill about this issue, 99.9% of dog owners in Silsden are responsible, pick up the mess and bin it correctly.
whatís more annoying is when i am walking around the graveyard (yes with my dog on a lead) to visit my dadís grave i have to dodge bone idle sods who now feel itís OK to drive their cars inside the graveyard on a public path, not only is this very dangerous but the path is not built for cars and the damage to the grass is horrendous.
And before anyone says but they might be disabled in some way....all have been very able, just bone idle. Itís about time the council locked the gates like they used to so these lazy people have to use it in the right manor.
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04/02/2013 : 15:51:05      reply with quote

posted by Bee2771
... 99.9% of dog owners in Silsden are responsible, pick up the mess and bin it correctly...

- If only that were true...
- If it was then there would be about 90% less dog poo on the paths...
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04/02/2013 : 16:27:31      reply with quote

99.9%? all i can say is there must be a hell of a lot of dogs in silsden then,or maybe its dogs that are from other villages/towns that are messing in silsden? but i do agree,cars should be left out on the cemetary roadside (howden road cemetary) that is
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04/02/2013 : 16:40:13      reply with quote

PLEASE DO NOT turn this topic into another rant about dog mess and the owners of dogs.... there is already a topic open on this subject sad :(sad :(sad :(

This applies to everyone... IF YOU OPEN A NEW TOPIC PUT IT UNDER THE CORRECT TOPIC AREA the above IS NOT an announcement.

The events - announcements - meetings forum area is not an area for discussions. The fact that cars are being driven into the cemetery is an important subject and deserves a adult discussion on the subject (without dogs).

While I'm having a rant.... perhaps those complaining about dogs and the consequences of dogs in public places should come up with practical solutions to the problem not keep moaning about it. sad :(
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04/02/2013 : 17:56:02      reply with quote

Peter! you say stop talking about dogs and then end your post suggesting moaners should do something about DOGS LOL!! razz :p

Thought this was an adult convcersation about not driving cars in the cemetary remember!!
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Replies in this thread : 4

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