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Topic : spencer ave

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28/02/2013 : 17:39:14      reply with quote

Spencer Ave Action Group will be holding a table top sale outside the coop on Saturday 2 march , 11am - 2pm.

Please support this newly formed community group in raising funds to improve the roads and pavements of Hillcrest Ave and Spencer Ave.

thank you
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28/02/2013 : 18:48:54      reply with quote

could anyone tel me a upto date price to sort out spencer ave and hill crest.
why would brad met adopt spencer ave and hillcrest ,to then shell out hundreds of thousands of pounds to improve roads and footpaths, it does not make good business sense.
i totally agree with the house holds and it would resolve the problems,but as it stands it is every households responsability to the centre of the road,so if their is a accident and the condtion of the road or footpath is to blame,they can be sued for damages...
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28/02/2013 : 20:40:44      reply with quote

We'll come and support your fund-raising Table Top Sale at the Co-op and wish you much success! I asked Bradford Council officials about your road and another unadopted one in Steeton last year. They explained that there are hundreds more similar situations across the metropolitan area. If they adopted our roads without charge or with a significant subsidy they would have to do the same for them all at a cost of millions of pounds. Which they don't have. We have to face financial reality. If everyone in Silsden and Steeton was prepared to pay an extra x% for adoption and we could get the money ring fenced (even more difficult) things might get done. Bet you people wouldn't agree to pay a bit more though!
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28/02/2013 : 20:53:52      reply with quote

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This is in the announcement section of the forum, if you want to discuss this subject use the topic which has been opened for discussion. Thank you.

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Replies in this thread : 3

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