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Topic : Vauxhall Omega for sale

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17/05/2013 : 17:30:32      reply with quote

1996 N reg Vauxhall Omega 2.5 V6 CD saloon with tow bar. Everything works, apart from the dash display that used to tell you exicting things like what radio station you were listening to, or how cold it was outside. Four excellent tyres. No smoke. No oil leaks and surprisingly economical. New battery (70 quid!!!!!)

Tax until end of May. MOT for another few days. It failed this years test on n/s steering idler arm (30 quid ebay) and a corroded brake pipe at the front (pence?). I would do it but I have too many cars and I'm not allowed to keep it. It drive lovely, makes nice noise too wink :) and tows a caravan with ease. A bit tatty around rear wheel arches when you look closely, but overall not too bad. Indicates 177,000 miles on the clock, but doesn't drive like it. Quite enjoyable to waft along really. Will clog along at a decent rate is asked, still in a relaxing quiet manner - very easy to make clock up some serious motorway mileage in short time.

If it doesn't sell, I'll weigh it in, which seems a shame - so offers invited. If you want to come look - 07904 108 423


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18/05/2013 : 09:46:16      reply with quote

I will swop you for a laptop windows 7 just over 12mths old working its a lot better on petrol than your carwink ;)
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Replies in this thread : 1

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