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Topic : Our park vs Sutton park.

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22/05/2013 : 19:20:11      reply with quote

I've just spent nearly an entire day at Sutton park. What a lovely place to be! So the question is why on earth is our park not as good? It should be! We have the pavilion, which one way or another needs to be sorted out and opened up for public use.

I'd like to see some more trees planted in the park. A row along side the path next football pitch would be great.

We need toilets and a cafe. I'm sure it's been asked for before, so how do we make sure we get it??? Could we try and raise funds locally then go to Bradford/town council for the remaining money?

I wish I was rich, I'd buy it myself and get it sorted.
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22/05/2013 : 20:04:55      reply with quote

60 trees planted recently in the park
more to possibly be planted next year if anyone wants to give Silsden Environmental Action Team a hand all welcome
see the group site on silsden groups on the blue side bar
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22/05/2013 : 21:17:48      reply with quote

Good to read that and I'll check out the group page as I'd happily help plant some trees.
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22/05/2013 : 21:20:37      reply with quote

Another thread title could be "Bradford Council v Craven Council.
I think Sutton still have a park keeper
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22/05/2013 : 21:28:34      reply with quote

Whilst we are talking about parks could I mention Community Centres.
A couple of weeks ago I went to an event at Menston Community Centre.
The outside environment was well cared for, plenty of marked parking places, level ground, immaculate tarmac surface, trees and tidy lawns and flowers.
The centre itself was attached to a large well resourced library no acces probles all on ground floor, the centre consisted of a large hall bigger than the marked out badminton court, spacious lobby, entance space for stalls large room being used for the cafe and well epuipped cleam kitchen.
I know Menston is a leafy suberb and in 'Leeds MDC'? but what we have in Silsden is a total insult to rate payers.
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25/05/2013 : 00:42:27      reply with quote

I would agree with the comparison between Sutton and Silsden parks being in Sutton's favour, by a considerable margin.

A few factors contribute to bringing that about, including:-
It is in central location within the village.
It has a school at each end of it.
It is totally enclosed, hence locked around dusk, which keeps out the local Herberts and stops them wrecking the place, besides keeping out roaming dogs etc.
Importantly, it is visible from the two major roads that go through the village and attracts passing visitors, like the originator of this thread, for instance, who in turn probably spend money in the cafe etc.

Large as it is, Silsden park is somewhat hidden. The residents know where it is but it is quite likely that many people that pass through the town daily don't even know that we have a park.

So how could it be made more visible? I understand that Silsden owns the area containing the war memorial. The far end of that plot isn't a million miles off being connected to the park is it? In fact, isn't it the library plot that stands between them? That's handy - isn't providing a smarter access to the park more favourable to the people of Silsden than the current planned use of the site, particularly when the Town Hall seems to have been proclaimed by many as a white elephant waiting to happen. In fact, the enclosed kiddies section of the park could be relocated to the the library site, placing it in a more accessible position and almost in the middle of the town.

The contents of Silsden park pretty much match the features of Sutton park, cafe excluded, if only it could be made more obvious from the town and fenced in to keep the undesirables out. More than Sutton park, it already has a car park - next to the war memorial garden.

Food for thought!
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Replies in this thread : 5

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