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Topic : christmas extravaganza

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02/12/2007 : 10:33:51      reply with quote

dont forget WED from 6pm christmas extravaganza hope to see you all there. chris Atkinson chairman silsden gala committee
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02/12/2007 : 19:14:58      reply with quote

Text deleted - you are reminded this is not a discussion area of the forum. Peter
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05/12/2007 : 19:58:16      reply with quote

Just got back home from the extravaganza, there was a good crowd of people there, most of the shops that had bothered to open were getting a lot of attention, pitty some shop keepers were to meen spirited to open and say thankyou to their customers.
Well done all those who helped organise it!
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06/12/2007 : 11:33:14      reply with quote

which shops didnt open? poor business sense if they didnt.
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06/12/2007 : 11:40:19      reply with quote

The bakers, wedding shop, were just a couple I noticed.

The takeaways didn't seem to have much Christmas cheer either, surprising seeing as how much they'll no doubt make out of the season.
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06/12/2007 : 13:21:18      reply with quote

It cost me a fortune but we enjoyed it very much. Thanks to those that organised it.
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Replies in this thread : 5

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