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09/09/2013 : 02:27:56      reply with quote

Hi I have retunred from spain
to be informed by my neighbours that my property was broken into on Sunday 1st September around tea time (when football was on?)
2 males were seen leaving down cornwall avenue onto woodside road

with them they have taken my motorbike

sky jet
black and white
reg YF13 XWE

did any one see these males pushing or riding this bike (spare key has also been stolen)??

bike is still missing
police had to wait for my return today to confirm it was stolen even though family reported it

I really would like to get this bike back

if any one can help with whereabouts please let me know reward will be given for return of this bike.

other itemss may be misssing but havent had a proper look yet
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09/09/2013 : 22:13:37      reply with quote

my pink bike helmet was stolen

somebody must of seen these men riding round in pink helmet

informed bike has been parked up at the top of north dene, silsden most of last week on the road side
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Garden Girl
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10/09/2013 : 05:31:57      reply with quote

Hi. My son had his motor Scooter stolen the same evening.
Parked outside house. We were also on holiday!
Hot wired ..... Recovered by police, Fell Lane Kly.
We live just off Skipton Road, so likely to be a connection..
Have it back but quite damaged.
Cost 170 just to retrieve from recovery place which just added insult to injury!
Good luck
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10/09/2013 : 09:44:52      reply with quote

That charge is for vehicles taken into custody by the police such as those towed away for causing an obstruction. Technically it should not be charged for owners recovering stolen property. It is the police that are at fault. Ask for your money back and make a complaint it it is not forthcoming.
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10/09/2013 : 09:58:20      reply with quote

Other than removing a couple of names this post from a bikers site is complete. I know the poster as an awkward type and obviously it works with the police.

My Supa 5 was stolen on 19th September 2009 and on 7th October 2009 the police
informed me that it had been found. I offered to recover the bike myself but was
told that the bike was required by SOCO to enable them to gather forensic
evidence. I was also told that the bike had been taken to the premises of a
local vehicle recovery company and that I would be informed when my bike would
be ready for collection. I telephoned the recovery company the following day and
was told that I would have to pay a recovery fee before my bike was returned to
me. When I questioned this charge, I was told that this was standard procedure
and I should take the matter up with the police. I called into my local police
station and they confirmed that this was indeed their standard procedure and
that, if I was not happy, I should contact the Force Solicitor.

I posted a message on the on Yahoo and T suggested
that I request a copy of their vehicle recovery policy from the police, quoting
the Freedom of Information Act. I requested this information using the Police
Authority web site and I also managed to speak to the Vehicle Recovery Scheme
Administrator. At first she seemed to be sympathetic to my argument that the
bike had been recovered to enable SOCO to gather evidence but she then sent me
an email stating that the bike had been recovered according to police procedures
and I had to pay. The police also had the attitude that it did not matter that I
had to pay, since I could claim the costs back from my insurance company. Since
the bike was only insured third party, this was not the case and in any case,
why should I have to pay to recover my stolen property?

On 15th October 2009 I was informed that SOCO had finished examining my vehicle
and that I could go and retrieve it from the recovery company. I had to pay
220: 150 for the actual recovery and a further 70 for storage!

The email from the Vehicle Recovery Scheme administrator stated that my vehicle
had been recovered according to regulations contained within The Road Traffic
Regulation Act 1984 Sections 99-102 and The Removal and Disposal of Vehicles
Regulations 1986. These regulations relate to vehicles which have been
deliberately abandoned by their owners and I do not believe that they can be
applied to stolen vehicles. Armed with this information, I wrote a letter to the
Force Solicitor stating that I would sue the Constabulary for the recovery of my

The wheels of officialdom grind exceedingly slowly: I sent the letter on 13th
October 2009 and received an acknowledgement on 26th October 2009. Various
telephone conversations ensued between me and the Assistant Force Solicitor
until finally I received a letter on 20th November 2009, stating that the
incident log did not show that the vehicle had been recovered under the Road
Traffic Act and that, on this occasion, I would be reimbursed for the recovery
charges. I eventually received a cheque for 220 on 8th December 2009.

I do not believe that the police want to create a legal precedent by going to

If anyone else suffers a similar experience, you now know what to do. If you
need any assistance, just post a message on this site and I will help in any way
that I can.

Nil illegitimi, nil carborundum, as they say!
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Garden Girl
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11/09/2013 : 05:17:59      reply with quote

Yes please, any help to claim back the 170 would be good. So unfair!
07751 747570 would be glad if you would explain procedure.
If I don't and, leave message & I will return the call.
Many thanks.
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11/09/2013 : 20:01:00      reply with quote

Have you got the bike back? Saw someone riding a black bike with a bright pink helmet down the main street about 7.30 tonight. Looked like a girl with a blonde ponytail and a black jacket with white pinstripes.
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