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Topic : Petition against the closure of Daisy Chain Children's Centre

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16/12/2013 : 19:12:55      reply with quote

Bradford Council is proposing to cut funding to Children's Centres in the district which would result in closure for Daisy Chain Children's Centre in Silsden. The nearest 'core' centre would be in Keighley resulting in families having to travel further to receive the support and take part in the activities currently offered by Daisy Chain.

Please click here to sign the petition against the proposals to close the centre and reduce the facilities offered to the parents and children of Silsden.
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16/12/2013 : 19:35:27      reply with quote

Done, easy to do happy :)

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02/01/2014 : 06:24:16      reply with quote

Signed and posted the blank on FB. Don't know if it will do any good, but give it a try.
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30/01/2014 : 15:14:50      reply with quote

Good news, looks like the children's centres may get another years reprieve
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28/10/2014 : 07:53:08      reply with quote

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Yet another Labour controlled Bradford Council cut for Silsden

It seems to have been done pretty much on party lines with only Thornton because it includes Allerton having a Labour councillor elected at the last election. Once again central Bradford comes out unscathed
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Replies in this thread : 4

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