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Topic : Public Exhibition for Tesco Plans 22 Jan 2014

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22/01/2014 : 09:05:15      reply with quote

Tesco will be holding a public exhibition at Silsden Methodist Church today (Wed 22 Jan between 3pm and 8pm)

A few question you might want to ask before you complete the Tesco survey

Aldi propose to build a 1,140sqm store and employ 25 people full time. The proposed Tesco store will be 1,900sqm an employ 200 people full time.

shocked 8O Why do Tesco need 8 times the number of people to run a store which is not even double the size of Aldi?

shocked 8O What hours will Tesco be open? - 24/7 is this the reason they need so many staff?

shocked 8O What product lines will they be selling?

shocked 8O How will they protect the local shopkeepers who cannot open the same hours as Tesco?

shocked 8O What is their pricing policy?

shocked 8O When they put the local petrol station out of business where will they match their fuel prices to, Cross Hills or Keighley?

shocked 8Oshocked 8O Keighley Road is very busy at most times of the day, how to they propose customers enter the store area from the North and exit the store to go South?

shocked 8O Will there be a roundabout on Keighley Road or traffic lights?

shocked 8O Why do Tesco want to come to Silsden when there are already stores in Ilkley and Skipton, is it because it is a Bradford proposal that 1000 houses are build here over the next few years?

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22/01/2014 : 13:11:31      reply with quote

Thank you for the suggested questions.

I shall be also asking about their misleading labels on chicken produce and which country their present supplier is.

The poor hygiene standards in yesterday's papers.
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22/01/2014 : 16:31:37      reply with quote

its time to move on let people of silsden have a choice where and how like other people have said shopping online or in store let see what happens
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Replies in this thread : 2

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