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Topic : Silsden School football team 1957

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28/04/2014 : 16:53:31      reply with quote

Might have been done but can anybody name the players
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01/05/2014 : 09:40:25      reply with quote

Back Row. Mr Whalley,Harry Horsman,Des Summerskill,Eddie Sessford,? David Reynolds. Front Row. Billy Clarkson,Richard Howe,Philip Snell,Maurice Tillotson,Geoff Smith,Mick Langhorne(my cousin) Tony Howsen. Does anyone know the missing name?
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Bob T
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01/05/2014 : 17:18:38      reply with quote

Lenny think it was Eric Dale fre addingham
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25/06/2016 : 11:50:14      reply with quote

Not Eric Dale but Eric Todd from Addingham and yes i'm on the photo too!
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Replies in this thread : 3

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