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Topic : sainsburys petrol station kly

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14/07/2014 : 11:31:41      reply with quote

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sainsburys petrol station all closed off everything out of the forecourt shop does any one know whats going on,wether its a make over or new owner etc.
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14/07/2014 : 14:54:37      reply with quote

I've heard it is closed for 10 weeks for a complete refurbishment. It looks like I will have to go to Morrisons for my fuel for this period. I hope that they keep their fuel prices low afterwards. I don't like Morrisons or the automated pumps at Asda. They might be cost efficient, but they are only .3 of a penny cheaper than the others.
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14/07/2014 : 15:19:32      reply with quote

If you ask for a fuel card, you will save 1.5p per litre at morrisons.
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14/07/2014 : 15:22:02      reply with quote

Looking forward to when we will have a local petrol station that sells fuel in Silsden at a competitive price. Are we mad to accept the current high prices for goods and fuel in our own town!
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Replies in this thread : 3

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