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Topic : powerful vacuums

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21/08/2014 : 19:11:01      reply with quote

If you have one make sure you have Silsden Vacs number incase it needs a repair because in 10 days time you will not be able to get a new one

Anyone wanting to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner has only 10 days left to be certain of getting one - following new EU rules that come in next month.

From 1 September, companies in the EU will be banned from making or importing vacuum cleaners above 1600 watts.
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21/08/2014 : 20:01:40      reply with quote

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No problem Gazzer won't affect Hillbilly and his trusty old carpet beater and sweeper (Life is good when it's simple)
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22/08/2014 : 13:50:58      reply with quote

What a shame ,

Just thrown my old Hoover away , well it was stuck in a corner just gathering dust !!!!!!
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22/08/2014 : 18:36:08      reply with quote

I wonder if a way around this is to replace your weedy motor with a bigger one?

When my Henry blew up I bought a replacement motor off the internet quite cheap and swapped it. The old one was 900W I think and the new one was 1200W so I got quite an upgrade into the bargain.
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26/08/2014 : 12:57:08      reply with quote

I don't see the problem. For example, all Dyson vacs are well below 1600W and they have ample power. Mine is 1200W and don't see the need for more. It's a regulation designed to weed out those inefficient old designs that are still being sold and get the manufacturers to "up their game". The real challenge is coming in 2017 when it is reduced once again to 900W.
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26/08/2014 : 17:29:59      reply with quote

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Just checked my not very big and not all that old and average power cleaner and find it is 1900W with a maximum of 2100W. So much for German efficiency!!! I am actually quite surprised it is so high. It is only a small machine and I guessed around 600W - I was ceertinly a bit out. SWMBO is hinting about a Dyson and on these figures I reckon there is something to that suggestion now.

750W is roughly 1HP and the average human can develope around 100 - 150W which puts it into perspective.

Technically mine is an old style paper bag filter and I suspect there is a lot of power required to suck through the paper. Modern cleaners, lead by Dyson are generally bag free.

On the basis of the work done and the power rating I reckon my curent machine must be around 5% efficient, meaning there is a lot of room for improvement.

Efficiency by the way is output divided by input and is always less than 1 or 100%. Cars are around 20% efficient and old steam engines were around 6% efficient.
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Replies in this thread : 5

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