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Topic : Sloe Berries

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20/09/2014 : 10:37:54      reply with quote

Looks like a bumper year for sloe berries if anyone is looking for some have a look up Bradley road to the turn off for Hole lane just above the pull in on the right there is a line of sloes full of fruit
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21/09/2014 : 10:12:42      reply with quote

A bit more info on sloes. If you are making sloe gin, the berries really need to be picked after they have had frost. Otherwise, pick and put into the freezer to help break them down.Then enjoy.
Recipe for Sloe Gin can be found on the internet sites. Just key sloe gin into the search engine.
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21/09/2014 : 21:09:03      reply with quote

If you can't afford gin you can use cider and you don't need premium cider, scrumpy is good if you can get it.

After picking your sloes, weigh them and after bruising them slightly (put them in a plastic bag and hit them with a rolling pin gently), put them in a demijohn. Add the same weight of sugar as the sloes you put in the jar and cover with cider.

Put an airlock on the jar.

That's it, wait for a few weeks and then enjoy. happy :) happy :)

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Replies in this thread : 2

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