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Topic : Adding pictures to the forum

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29/09/2014 : 12:47:49      reply with quote

Adding pictures to the forum is possible but not as easy as it should be. However, the following may help those that want to illustrate their text.

The picture(s) must be hosted on your own webspace and then linked into the post using special "tags".

Pictures embedded into the post MUST BE OPTIMISED for web use and NOT BE TOO WIDE (150Kb max and about 600 px wide is good). The reason for this restriction is that on a slow link if the pictures are too large they will take forever to download and if too wide will make it difficult to read the thread text.

Of course any inappropriate pictures will be deleted and may get you banned from the forum. shocked 8O

The following service can be use to store pictures on for use on the forum:

NOTE when you copy the address to put it into the forum post you will need to edit it slightly because it adds bits besides the address.

click for more information

Replies in this thread : 0

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