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Topic : New police radar gun could catch texting drivers

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08/10/2014 : 20:01:07      reply with quote

Texting while driving is ridiculously dangerous, but police could be clamping down soon thanks to a new radar gun which detects texters at a distance.

A tech company in Virgina, US, has developed a new radar gun, similar to the one used to catch speeding drivers, which can apparently alert police to texting drivers as they tear down the road. The smart new gun can apparently detect the exact radio frequencies that are emitted when someone is using a mobile, even from within a car.
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08/10/2014 : 20:15:39      reply with quote

It's not really radar. It claims it can detect when your phone is transmitting a text message because it uses a specific frequency for texts but actually this is a load of baloney.

Phones transmit and receive all data (phone calls, texts, data from websites and apps like facebook mobile) over the frequency the mobile operator specifies for the local area. It's also the same frequency used by the phone to find and register it's presence with the nearest mobile mast, which happens all the time and regardless of whether someone is sending an text.

Would be awesome if they'd really done it of course.
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Replies in this thread : 1

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