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Topic : Silsden Riding Club

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25/11/2014 : 13:15:30      reply with quote

Being a member of Silsden Riding Club is fab.
You don't even need to have a horse or pony to be a member.
The club offers training sessions and 5 shows a year from May to September.
The team at Silsden Riding Club work very hard to ensure everyone is catered for.
Having been a member for 2 years I think it is great but the club could do with more local support and members to keep it going.

Congratulations on your Facebook page and website they both look fab and are informative.

I urge the good people of Silsden to have a look and get involved with Silsden Riding Club - to keep it's tradition going for a long time to come.
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25/11/2014 : 13:33:00      reply with quote

totally agree my daughter was a member for quite a few years,so maybe more advertising would be a good start ,put the dates of the shows for next year on here,i tell people to av a walk up,as its free to go in and watch and there is catering up there .and an add in k news or and c herald would be another good source of advertisinghappy :)happy :)happy :)
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25/11/2014 : 13:42:20      reply with quote

Ive not heard of the club before, although I do know that there has been increasing numbers of people interested in equestrian sports and riding over recent years. The link might be useful for someone.
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Replies in this thread : 2

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