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Topic : snow watch

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11/12/2014 : 23:45:18      reply with quote

Just driven home from leeds and the only snow we met was from the addingham bypass to cringles were its laying thick on the road. Could be horrible in the morning
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12/12/2014 : 06:28:57      reply with quote

Nothing over Cringles. Bad over Halifax way in the early hours though.
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12/12/2014 : 12:00:16      reply with quote

Went into Ilkley this morning, roads clear but the hills were covered in snow, quite beautiful but let's hope that's where it stays. Safe journeys are wished for all.

P.S. A very merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year to All and your families
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13/12/2014 : 20:15:59      reply with quote

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This Evening and Tonight

An early frost is possible in rural parts before turning milder overnight as cloud amounts increase along with a freshening wind. Outbreaks of rain will develop across western areas, preceded by some snow over the Pennines.

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13/12/2014 : 20:41:16      reply with quote


Try looking at a local weather forecast

Always available from the sidebar; weather > local w-station
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27/12/2014 : 13:04:56      reply with quote

Met Office Warnings Issued For: West Yorkshire

Yellow warning of snow

1400 on Sat 27 December
0300 on Sun 28 December

Updated 1 hour ago

Showers are expected through this afternoon and much of Saturday night. These will fall as sleet and snow at times, especially in heavier showers and over the hills, Moors and Pennines. Accumulations of several centimetres may occur in places leading to difficult driving conditions and the additional hazard of ice.

The public should take extra care and be aware of the risk of the possibility of some disruption to travel.
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Replies in this thread : 5

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