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Topic : Tesco planning application petition

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17/12/2014 : 10:20:21      reply with quote

If anyone feels strongly enough about Tesco building a store and petrol station in Silsden opposite Aldi, there is a petition against the planning application in Rowlands chemists. Sign this quickly as this goes to the Keighley area planning panel on Thu 8th January.
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17/12/2014 : 10:29:42      reply with quote

just be aware that a petition no matter how many signatures are on it counts as one objection, better to send in individual ones if possible
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Alan Grop
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17/12/2014 : 17:24:34      reply with quote

Are all who sign stating they would rather have the entrance into Silsden looking like a Dump.?
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17/12/2014 : 20:31:20      reply with quote

No they are stating they don't want a Tesco.

It'll be developed one day but it needs to be right. The land would be better used as office space. There is not enough small office space about.
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18/12/2014 : 08:49:08      reply with quote

When the canal was built access to Silsden was under it using the acqueduct. Obviously this was inadequate so the current bridge was built. It has served well much longer than the acqueduct did. Now it is the bottle neck for Silsden. Until the bottleneck is alleviated major development of Silsden is really not on.
Logically another road is required around the town. There is an obvious route, but new roads cost real money. Maybe a toll road?
Once upon a time this could have been sorted out locally. A local bond, a few pence on the rates.
Thanks to the centralised Soviet style control system running the country such local decisions are no longer possible.
It really is a case of many chickens coming home to roost.
Finally, how would you vote?
More housing.
Relief road/bypass.
Shopping centre.
Pedestrian/cycle bridge over the trunk road.
Larger employment zone.

Add you own pet project.

Just remember the old Chinese curse: be careful what you wish for.
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Replies in this thread : 4

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