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Topic : Issues with a HP 4 in 1 printer

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21/12/2014 : 14:06:22      reply with quote

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Could anyone advise me on a problem with my HP F4100 printer?

I have had this printer for about 5 years pretty much issue free. It has printed 100's if pages off for various assignments and general interest. I think i paid 40 for it from Curries.

Recently it has started printing up to 20 pages, then starts rattling and jamming on every page. Earlier this year, I followed the trouble shooting page and cleaned all the heads and rollers, which hasn't made any difference, they were in fact quite clean!

It is a great printer to use and I don't really want to get rid of it. If repair is out of the question, I would like a similar printer that can print on both sides of the paper. Any suggestions?

It has also stopped accepting after market cartridges (refills) It will print a few pages then come up with the printer error code.
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21/12/2014 : 15:09:22      reply with quote

The 'rattling' suggests a mechanical problem, gear or bearing. The jamming suggests the same. I'm afraid it is only fit for the bin. If you are happy to take it to bits you might some useful bits. The scanner glass is great for a photo frame.
As for a replacement. If you do a lot of printing then maybe a laser all in one is worth considering. They are not much more to buy than ink jets and work out cheaper per page. Staples in Bradford has loads in.
If not then try local PC shop, or even the Co-Operative. As for make? You pays your money and make a choice. Any well known brand will be as reliable as any other.
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21/12/2014 : 15:54:13      reply with quote

I know this won't be any consolation to you but SNAP! - I'm about a week ahead of you - also with a HP 4-in-one printer, albeit mine is probably nearer 10 than 5 years old. Mine started randomly switching off mid-stream, which isn't particularly welcome in the middle of a multiple print or scan run!
Over the years, my main use of the unit has migrated from printing to scanning, probably like the rest of the world, so I researched via the net quite a bit and came up with the HP8620 e-4-in-one and bought it directly from HP UK, for about 40 less than Currys and most other similar organisations. It also includes 3 years warranty. Nevertheless, it cost significantly more than the 40 that you mentioned.
It is both a duplex printer and scanner, of which I learnt that duplex is printer-speak for double-sided. The paper-tray holds 250 sheets, which suggests it might also be intended for small businesses. The scanner feeder is inclusive. The unit can be hard-wired in the traditional sense or sit on a network. It also acts as a wireless printer for pads and phones etc. The reviews are favourable, including with respect to cost per page and print quality vs laser printers. It is also one of the HP printers that can benefit from self-sourcing replacement inks from HP at significantly reduced prices compared with purchasing cartridges in the traditional way. I still await delivery of said unit because HP's chosen courier (DPD) has so far had it on two different vans out of their Leeds depot, neither of them coming this way. However, they did deliver the spare cartridge yesterday, so at least I have something to play with over Xmas! Good look with your search.
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Replies in this thread : 2

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