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Topic : Warning for canal towpath cyclists

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30/01/2015 : 21:02:19      reply with quote

Heads up for those who cycle the towpaths, the agencies have lopped loads of overhanging hawthorn and blackthorn twixt us and Kildwick, unless you have solid tyres beware, or pack multiple repair kits, blackthorn takes no prisoners, happy re-inflating.
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31/01/2015 : 16:02:55      reply with quote

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"Woops too late" one of the lads who live up here has just got himself a new bike today and set off on a ride out to Skipton along the towpath and i totaly forgot to tell him about the Hawthorn & Blackthorn at Kildwick L@@KS like he will be walking back in the dark then shocked 8Oshocked 8Oshocked 8Olaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :Dlaugh :D
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Replies in this thread : 1

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