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Topic : Oil Prices

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03/02/2015 : 10:49:48      reply with quote

I was in Lothersdale yesterday and noticed the village had formed an oil club ( This caused me to check how much I was paying with Northern Energy and how much Lothersdale was paying, my last delivery was 10th January and I paid 61.5p per litre (+vat) the last delivery made to Lothersdale was 23rd January and cost 33p per litre (+vat). Whilst Northern have been excellent the difference is just too great, may even get cheaper if we started a Silsden club as I suspect the orders would be greater.
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03/02/2015 : 12:10:59      reply with quote

That sounds like a great idea. It shows just how much we are being ripped off! As far as I'm aware heating oil is pretty much the same as diesel, as used in many cars, wagons and agricultural vehicles. The diesel used in cars and wagons (legally) is well over double that figure of 63p/l.

The only downside to creating an oil club, is that not many people in Silsden will run an oil heated system, or have storage space sufficient to install a bunded tank, to install an oil based system. Given the terrain at Lothersdale, many people do run oil based systems.
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05/02/2015 : 17:35:28      reply with quote

Oil bottomed at $45 a barrel and is slowly climbing. One pundit reckons next year it will be back to $100 so don't buy that gas guzzler yet.
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Replies in this thread : 2

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