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Topic : Multi fuel/wood burning stoves

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27/02/2015 : 22:39:50      reply with quote

Multi fuel/wood burning stoves are just as dangerous as gas fires. This case although not in Silsden shows why.

A RETIRED fisherman says a carbon monoxide detector saved his life and that of his two parrots after a faulty flue almost killed them.

Mr 'Butts' Buttery lives in an old fisherman's cottage in the middle of Mousehole, which is heated by a free-standing multi-fuel stove.

Two weeks ago the disabled 79-year-old, whose parrots are both called 'Cap'n', was sitting in his front room late in the afternoon when the detector, situated next to the stairs, went off.

"At first I thought the alarm was playing up," he said. "I took it out of its holder and took it outside until it stopped beeping but as soon as I put it back, it went off again.

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03/03/2015 : 09:19:06      reply with quote
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