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Topic : Silsden 1st to quiz general election candidates ... bar one

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14/03/2015 : 17:32:55      reply with quote

120 people were at a lively meeting at Silsden Methodist Church this afternoon, organised by 38 Degrees, a non political party campaigning group with local branches. (Airedale in this case). All 5 candidates standing for parliament in the constituency accepted invitations to attend. At short notice Kris Hopkinson pulled out He didn't give a reason.

The topic - TTIP ( pronounced Tea-tip to them in the know)and it's effect on the NHS may not have tempted everyone from their Saturday afternoon fishing and fun. But those of us who went now know there are 4 strong candidates committed to dealing with local issues and being around when needed. Pity it wasn't 5.

The whole thing was expertly chaired by Bishop Colin Buchanan. Lots of people left thinking they'd really like to vote for him!
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14/03/2015 : 20:39:27      reply with quote

I second all those comments by paperclip. It was well organised and very informative.
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15/03/2015 : 11:07:34      reply with quote

I was not able to go to this meeting because of pressing family issues. Does anyone know if it will be reported anywhere or if it was recorded?
What a shame Kris Hopkins was not there - absence from public debate does not help democracy.
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Replies in this thread : 2

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