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Topic : Please be vigilant - someone in my garden last night

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24/04/2015 : 10:40:39      reply with quote

I live on Keighley Road and my garden is accessible via my neighbours property from gates on the lane behind the old Bridge Inn.

last night (23rd April about 8.20) My dog heard the gates open and went to the window, I assume it was my neighbour but then she proceeded to bark the house down alerting me to something wrong. I looked out and there was a guy have a very thorough look into mine and both the adjoining properties gardens. I opened a window and challenged him he gave me some fluff about wanting to find one of my neighbours to speak to hime about something. I resisted being sarcastic and suggesting he was probaly not going to hiding in the other gardens.he did leave shortly after a brief convesation.

He may well have genuinely been looking for someone and decided to have a nosey at the flowers etc. and for this purpose I do not want to give full description but it who appreaed a man in his mid 50's but I thought it was noteworthy should it turn out to be more sinsiter to alert everyone to be vigilant security wise.
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Replies in this thread : 0

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