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Topic : Demi Jons

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30/04/2015 : 16:21:25      reply with quote

I have a large number of Demi jons used primarily for wine making.

Most of these have air locks or rubber bungs to go with them.

Due to a change in circumstances, lifestyle and priorities I have (very reluctantly) come to the decision to sell most of them. I have not counted them recently, but think i have about 30+

I am looking for 2 for the demi jons with air locks and 1 for those without. I am open to offers and want to keep hold of maybe half a dozen that currently hold wine which is in the process of fermentation. Demi jons are generally 6.50+ new and air locks are generally 2.60+ when bought new.

Please call me, Richard on 01535 670885 one either a weekend, Monday or a Friday. I work nights, so i am generally unavailable throughout the week. Please leave a message if i do not pick up

Thank you.
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Replies in this thread : 0

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