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Topic : Famous artists from Silsden

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20/05/2015 : 16:13:17      reply with quote

Anyone interested in local history (or art) might like to have a look at a new website It features notable professional artists, past and present, who originated from the Bradford district and it includes several from Silsden, some of whom are better known that others. Among these are Augustus Spencer, Joseph West, Dorothy Wade, Hildred Harpin and Doris Schrecker (nee Wilkinson) as well as today's Sam Shendi.
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20/05/2015 : 19:40:24      reply with quote

Interesting, I've got 3 Joseph West watercolours hung on the wall
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20/05/2015 : 22:48:22      reply with quote

Thanks for this , I run the Art Club at the Junior School and this will be helpful as often try talk about artists that they can relate to ..... children don't distinguish between Picasso and Joe Bloggs .. they just take things on face value and talking about artists within a local context is really exciting for them ..

Thanks !
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Bob T
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21/05/2015 : 07:54:52      reply with quote

Stanley Boardman
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21/05/2015 : 08:46:06      reply with quote

Anyone heard of J.R. Brunton of Silsden, water colour paintings of birds? We have some of his.. really superb detail.
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Replies in this thread : 4

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