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Topic : Silsden Health Centre

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02/07/2015 : 16:05:13      reply with quote

Went to see a Doc this afternoon, on entering the centre I was hit by the heat coming out of the building. No air con on just a small domestic fan on reception desk. Only glad I did not wait long to see Dr. I asked the Dr why there was no air con on and the reply was ( we don't get many days like this. )
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02/07/2015 : 16:26:09      reply with quote

typical! do they even have air con? when I went a couple of months ago I was nearly passing out with the heat, badly designed, too much glass
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03/07/2015 : 19:31:29      reply with quote

it was prob not included in the budget.
hospital dont have it either in most patient areas
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04/07/2015 : 09:13:04      reply with quote

Air conditioners are not needed in the UK. Open windows and occasional fans are all that are needed. From personal experience the temperature needs to be over 35C for them to be useful.
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06/07/2015 : 08:32:23      reply with quote

Personally, I'm getting pretty hacked off with the practice. I rang this morning to make an appointment, which took half a dozen attempts to get through (user busy displayed). An appointment was made for 09:10. I pointed out that this would be tight and I might be a minute or two late, as I have to be in Kildwick for 0850. The receptionist said "if you're late the doctor won't see you". So it's alright to keep me waiting for over half an hour, when the doctor is running late?

A formal complaint will be made. The attitude stinks.
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Spanish Omelette
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06/07/2015 : 08:56:54      reply with quote

Gamekeeper - You want to think yourself lucky you got a same day appointment!!!

When I rang I had to wait nearly 3 weeks!!!
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Replies in this thread : 5

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