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Topic : Burglary on waterside

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20/07/2015 : 14:24:04      reply with quote

According to Silsden facebook there has been another burglary.
It was at 04.30 today and the householder is now in hospital after confronting the burglar in his house.
It seems the house was alarmed,they had a dog and the householders were in at the time,yet this was no deterrent.
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20/07/2015 : 18:52:37      reply with quote

i wonder if it was one of the new locks
people are saying the bloke whose house it was is now in hospital awaiting operation.
looks like my door be shut and locked when ever i am away from where i can see people cme in.
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21/07/2015 : 11:43:26      reply with quote

check out caught on

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21/07/2015 : 15:31:57      reply with quote

Everyone please keep your doors locked all the time!
You don't want to suddenly find an intruder standing in your house uninvited.
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Replies in this thread : 3

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