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Topic : Aldi apprentice jobs

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27/07/2015 : 13:51:23      reply with quote

Aldi Apprenticeships - Silsden
Aldi, Keighley, West Yorkshire
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27/07/2015 : 20:37:29      reply with quote

A genuine career apprenticeship in retail. At least they only require the two GCSEs (PKA O levels) that are useful. All the rest are padding. At least that has not changed in 50 years.

Not sure if Aldi will survive another 50 years but it is a genuine apprenticeship. One area the Germans do correctly.
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27/07/2015 : 22:50:18      reply with quote

At £2.73 an hour? laugh :D
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27/07/2015 : 23:04:10      reply with quote

A good opportunity for someone at 16+ The pay will get better.

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28/07/2015 : 20:48:19      reply with quote

posted by Dave
At £2.73 an hour? laugh :D
That is the national minimum wage that they are quoting at the bottom of the advert... they are paying £5.30

Cut and pasted from the main part of the advert...
"Whether you choose Store or Logistics Management, you’ll be given a competitive salary (starting at £5.30 per hour) and a supportive environment where you can learn from the very best."

Weigh this against paying out £9000/year for university and it is looking a pretty good salary, they are paying you to learn from them.
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29/07/2015 : 20:48:51      reply with quote

when I started my apprenticeship I worked a 48 hr; 5 1/2 day week, my pay for all this was just £2 per week!
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30/07/2015 : 18:49:35      reply with quote

stop fibbing granddad it was 2 bob ahhahhahha
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Replies in this thread : 6

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