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Topic : Anyone do Bat Surveys ??

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11/08/2015 : 13:09:32      reply with quote

Hi just moved to Silsden and as part of Planning Application need a Bat Survey on Barn. Can anyone help or recommend someone who could do one for me please. Thanks
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11/08/2015 : 13:57:58      reply with quote

a heighbour of mine had bats and as they are protected had to get the council bat specialist in,so if you contact bfd met council i sure they can help you.happy :)
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11/08/2015 : 15:16:30      reply with quote

Be careful who you choose.
My mate was in a similar situation ... He is convinced the bat surveyor brought their own ' evidence'.
Ended up having to devote half his attic into a purpose built bat habitat with their own door, at great expense.

The bat expert needs to be working for you.

Or if you love bats and need them in your attic, get the one from brad met. ...Job creation.
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11/08/2015 : 16:08:05      reply with quote

This company has been recommended to me

Brooks Ecological
Unit A, 1 Station Road
LS20 8BX

01943 884 451

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Replies in this thread : 3

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