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Harvey spicer
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12/08/2015 : 06:25:30      reply with quote

I recently had to return some car parts to Poland,
one had come cracked

I packaged them and my daughter took them to Ilkley post office as she works in Ilkley.

6 weeks later I contacted the garage where I sent them and they hadn't received them ? its only a 50 item so I wasn't too worried, hence I never tracked the item.

as they hadn't arrived I logged on and found out they had gone to Canada !!!

I went in and presented the post office lady my receipt clearing showing postal destination as Poland !

guess what,
I have to fill out a form, which then requires everything under the son, I think I have to give up my next born child too !!! the form is horrendous. AND they then have 90 days to decide what to do !!! and I can bloody guess what that will be.

"sorry Mr X but you spelled one word incorrectly so we are unable to process your claim "

honestly to compile all the proofs, receipts etc etc will take me hours and I just cant be bothered ,

so this is just a rant to get it off my chest

they took my parcel
sent it to the wrong side of the world

and now make it easier to gain Australian citizenship than get reimbursed for it !!!

YCNMIU !!!!!!!!!!
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Replies in this thread : 0

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