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Topic : Thomas Clarkson Contractors/Gas Safety Week

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15/09/2015 : 15:55:02      reply with quote

At the end of this month it will be 100 years since Thomas Clarkson started his joinery business. Later it expanded into building,plumbing and funeral directors.The funeral side continues as part of Co-operative Funeral Care. The contractors side is about to trade again after a third party has been illegally using the name.
More history to follow.

As supporters of Gas Safety Week

Thomas Clarkson Contractors have a Carbon Monoxide Detector to give away.All you need is a BD20 address.
Just post "Me" and a lucky winner will receive a product that hopefully you will never find you needed.

However, please read the link because Carbon Monoxide is something you can not see,taste or smell but can kill...The silent killer.

Its not just gas that can cause a problem...solid fuel,bbq's,combustion engines are amonst other causes

As I say again..please read the link
click for more information

Replies in this thread : 0

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