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Topic : free wood

Harvey spicer
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29/09/2015 : 06:14:18      reply with quote

anyone know anyone who is organising a bonfire ? I have a large quantity of wood to clear, I can deliver it locally and leave it ready for a bonfire.

theres a lot , a few tonnes,........... if anyone wants , let me know.
its waste wood from building sites, some's good , some's not , full of nails etc etc .

if you had the time and inclination , a lot of it could be re used, for sheds fences etc, but please don't think you could come and route through for the odd piece, I haven't the time to arrange this.

if you want it I can fill a pick up , bring it and tip it off, if you wanted the best of what I have I can fill the truck with the best stuff, but frankly that's about as much "sorting " as I can do.

as I said, if you're having a large bonfire I can let you have it all,

please text me on 07710087987

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29/09/2015 : 12:08:27      reply with quote

Thank you for the donation to Yorkshire Air Ambulance for the wood.

I think there is more wood in the pile so give Harvey spicer a text. happy :)
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Replies in this thread : 1

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