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Topic : Dodgy Van doing the rounds ??

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29/09/2015 : 08:24:03      reply with quote

A white transit van MA03 HYV has just been cruising very slowly around every street at the top of Jacques Grove / Daisy Hill area. I saw them while out with the dog. Last seen going back down Howden Road towards Silsden centre.
The two occupants were obviously looking at properties on either side as they drove along, one had a notepad in view., the other was on a mobile phone.
I looked up the number on the vehicle tax website and it is listed as being Silver not White, so maye the van is a ringer.
It may be legitimate, but I thought is looked very suspicious.
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29/09/2015 : 08:48:41      reply with quote

Have you reported it. Worth a shout.
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29/09/2015 : 11:15:25      reply with quote

i saw an unmarked transit picking up charity bags that have been left out but if they are legit they should have some markings on themsad :(
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Replies in this thread : 2

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